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The Cecilia Winery

The Cecilia Winery was established in 1990 thanks to the efforts of Giuseppe Camerini, Milanese engineer, industrialist, and artist. After visiting the Island for almost fifty years, he decided to develop his passion for viticulture and wine in the farmstead “Podere La Casina”.

Nearly 20 years later, the farm is managed by his nephews Lorenzo and Renato. The vineyards now comprise three small farmsteads in the area surrounding Procchio and Marina di Campo. They cover approximately 10 hectares and produce roughly 60,000 bottles a year.

Welcoming the visitors in the direct sale shop and promoting the Elba Island through quality products coming directly from its beautiful territory is the core of the company values and philosophy.

The Territory

According to the legend, the Tuscan Archipelago was formed when the goddess of beauty and love, Venus, lost her necklace in the waters of the Tyrrhenian sea. There is a part of truth in this charming myth, because there is no doubt that the islands of this Archipelago are fragments of paradise. Few places in the world can boast an equally rich and varied offer in such a small area – from the enchanting seabed, a paradise for diving experts, to the mountains with ancient woods, from the beaches and bays surrounded by the Mediterranean maquis, to the tiny, hillside towns immersed in the peaceful timelessness of yesteryear.

The Tuscan Archipelago has something to offer to everyone – sports, sunbaths, history, culture, and excellent food and wines.

Our Winery

The almost exclusive use of stainless steel in the cellars, together with a temperature-controlled fermentation and storage system and new filter systems, ensures the vineyard to be at the forefront of the most recent wine-making techniques. A newly dedicated area for aging in small 225-litre oak barrels (barriques) allows the perfect evolution of aged wines.


Our Selection